The runway of Pointe-Noire has been refurbished!

In late August, the runway of Pointe Noire has been refurbished. After 5 months of preparation and 7 months of intensive work, the 2,600 meters have been refurbished and strengthened. The achievement of this work required the closure of the runway at night from 10 pm to 8 am. 270 people worked the night shift as well as 80 people in the quarry of Nkougni located at 100 km from Pointe-Noire to provide necessary materials for the construction of the runway.

A runway constructed according to international standards

On August 5, our responsible Minister, Mr. Gilbert Mokoki, Minister of Transport, Civil Aviation and the Merchant Navy visited the site. He appreciated the professionalism of the respective teams of AERCO, Egis Avia, SGE- C and INEO who, under the supervision of BCS and ANAC, successfully carry out this major construction project.
Within the framework of achieving the certification of the airports of Congo and the development of air transport, AERCO now has in Pointe-Noire, a runway constructed in compliance to international standards which can accommodate, thanks to its new features new types of aircraft operated by some airlines.

construction-site piste