INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Agostinho Neto Pointe-Noire
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
Q8 558 08:00 COTONOU Take off at 08:14
TWC 491 08:30 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 08:42
HF 839 10:10 ABIDJAN Take off at 09:58
TWC 493 14:30 BRAZZAVILLE Check-in in progress
Q8 203 15:00 BRAZZAVILLE
AF 835 21:00 PARIS-CDG
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
HF 839 09:30 ABIDJAN Landed at 09:08
Q8 202 10:25 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 10:38
TWC 492 11:10 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 11:16
Q8 559 15:40 COTONOU
Q8 204 17:25 BRAZZAVILLE
AF 830 17:50 PARIS-CDG

Before you leave

To guarantee the best quality of service and limit significantly waiting time, it is essential to report your needs to your airline or travel agent once you have booked your flight.
For the best delivery of the assistance you need, please arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight departure time.

Upon arrival

To make your arrival relaxed and comfortable, people with disabilities shall disembark after other passengers. If you need a wheelchair or personal assistance, please inform your airline or your travel agency.