INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Agostinho Neto Pointe-Noire
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
Q8 201 08:00 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 08:14
CAJ 451 08:30 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 08:30
Q8 211 11:00 OUESSO Take off at 11:43
J7 359 13:45 LIBREVILLE Take off at 13:55
ET 861 14:15 ADDIS ABABA Take off at 14:14
CAJ 453 15:30 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 15:43
Q8 203 16:00 BRAZZAVILLE End of Check-in
Q8 703 19:00 COTONOU
AF 732 22:20 PARIS-CDG
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
Q8 202 10:25 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 10:22
CAJ 452 11:15 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 11:18
J7 356 13:00 LIBREVILLE Landed at 13:09
ET 861 13:15 ADDIS ABABA Landed at 13:02
Q8 242 15:25 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 16:18
Q8 703 18:25 BRAZZAVILLE
AF 732 19:50 PARIS-CDG

Before leaving, check the validity of your Passport which shall exceed 6 months.
To enter Congo Brazzaville, it is required to be issued a visa prior to your arrival and be vaccinated against yellow fever (you must have your international vaccination card).
No visa is issued upon arrival in the country.
In France, visa applications are made to the Consulate of the Republic of Congo and the following documents are required:

  • Original passport valid for 6 months at least;
  • Full visa application form;
  • 2 recent passport photographs;
  • An accommodation certificate or a hotel booking confirmation;
  • A copy of the international vaccination card mentioning the mandatory vaccine against yellow fever.

The fees for a single-entry visa amount to € 62 with a duration of less than 15 days or €
117 for a multiple-entry visa valid for 90 days (subject to changes).

Good to know:

The vaccine against yellow fever must be done 10 days prior to your entry to the country. You may be denied access by the health authorities if you fail to comply with this requirement.
Recommended vaccines:

  • Universal vaccines (DT Polio, hepatitis B);
  • Typhoid fever and hepatitis A;
  • Meningococcal meningitis

Congo Brazzaville is a malaria-endemic region, it is advised to protect yourself with mosquito repellent sprays.