INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Agostinho Neto Pointe-Noire
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
Q8 201 08:00 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 08:14
CAJ 451 08:30 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 08:30
Q8 211 11:00 OUESSO Take off at 11:43
J7 359 13:45 LIBREVILLE Take off at 13:55
ET 861 14:15 ADDIS ABABA Take off at 14:14
CAJ 453 15:30 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 15:43
Q8 203 16:00 BRAZZAVILLE End of Check-in
Q8 703 19:00 COTONOU
AF 732 22:20 PARIS-CDG
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
Q8 202 10:25 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 10:22
CAJ 452 11:15 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 11:18
J7 356 13:00 LIBREVILLE Landed at 13:09
ET 861 13:15 ADDIS ABABA Landed at 13:02
Q8 242 15:25 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 16:18
Q8 703 18:25 BRAZZAVILLE
AF 732 19:50 PARIS-CDG

Istanbul is on the Unesco World Heritage Centre. A dream destination where you will discover the Sainte Sophia Basilica, the Blue Mosque, The Galata Tower, the Istanbul Museum of Antiquities, the Topkapi Palace, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic arts.

Political and administrative capital of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville combines the charm of its wooded spaces with its ledge along the Congo River. The region offers beautiful places to discover like Loufoulakari falls, the site of Lifoula and its chalk cliffs, the reserve of the Blue Lake and its chimpanzees and hippos!

Our employees’ opinion:

“The Loufoulakari falls were a great tourist attraction. The road is just a track today but it is wonderful to get to this site and see nature express itself in these beautiful waterfalls!” Franck

Ethiopia has so much to show you! You will leave for Addis Ababa assaulting its rich geographic and historical heritage: monolithic churches of Lalibela and Tigray, the breathtaking landscapes of Simien and Balé, historic cities of Gondar and Harar, lunar and desert landscapes of Danakil! In short, you will go back home stunned and amazed at the different aspects of Ethiopia.

Our employees’ opinion:

“Try to attend the feast of Timkat, on January 19, which is the Orthodox Epiphany. You will experience an intense moment with local populations” Renty

Second city of Gabon, Port Gentil is located on the island of Mandji. Surrounded by lagoons, beaches are white with sand and will be an ideal place for relaxation!

The “city of lights”, Paris fascinates by its history, the beauty of its architectural heritage. From the Marais to La Defense, you will go through centuries of stories in losing yourself in the streets which made Paris the most beautiful city in the world! There are no words to describe Paris you must experience it by yourself.

Our employees’ opinion:

“My favourite place is the Museum of the Romantics in the 17th arrondissement. Located in the Nouvelle-Athènes district, this museum has a discreet charm and is an old House of the artist, Ary Scheffer. Delacroix, Chopin, George Sand settled in the shade of the one hundred year old trees of the garden. Take time to taste a tea in this shady garden transporting you into reverie in its glass wall”.  Catherine

Capital city of Kenya, Nairobi is easily accessible and welcomes warmly all travelers staying for a short or long period of time. Kenya is best known for its nature reserves, Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria or the Kariandusi prehistoric sites as well as for the charm of its capital.
Our employees’ opinion:

“I was really impressed by the beauty of the landscape and by lions!” My stay in Nairobi was pleasant enjoying the coffee of the Java House. Excellent!”  Melaine

Muanda is a coastal city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can find hotels in the former European subdivision.

Capital city of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo has developed a business district worthy of La Defense with very modern architectures! The city also has a beautiful motorway infrastructure. You can still see in downtown houses dating back to the Spanish colonization.

Coastal city, Libreville offers many sightseeing places like the Saint Michel Church of Nkembo, the Siban Arboretum or the St. Mary Cathedral. The beaches also offer pleasant places to relax!

Our employees’ opinion:

“What I enjoyed the most is to discover new places to eat. Go to the Creole Sauce. You will not regret it!” Martial

Economic capital city of Cameroon, Douala is attractive with its seashore, its several landmarks like the pagoda also called the Palace of Kings Bell or the Monument of Freedom! You can book accommodation in one of the 149 hotels resorts of the town during a business trip or a well-deserved holiday.
Our employees’ opinion:

“Travelling to Douala means having a good time on the beach to meet up with friends and have a drink. The city enjoys a pleasant coastal climate and it is easy to find accommodation for an unplanned weekend!”  Merveille.