INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Agostinho Neto Pointe-Noire
Company Date Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
SOLENTA AVIATION GABON 27/01/2023 SVG 128 07:27 LIBREVILLE Take off at 07:31
TRANS AIR CONGO 27/01/2023 Q8 201 08:00 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 08:10
AFRICA AIRLINES 27/01/2023 AAT 101 08:15 BRAZZAVILLE Cancelled
CANADIAN AIRWAYS CONGO 27/01/2023 TWC 551 08:30 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 08:48
ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES 27/01/2023 ET 861 14:15 ADDIS ABABA Take off at 14:17
AFRICA AIRLINES 27/01/2023 AAT 103 14:45 BRAZZAVILLE Cancelled
TRANS AIR CONGO 27/01/2023 Q8 203 15:00 BRAZZAVILLE Take off at 15:12
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 AF 929 19:40 PARIS-CDG Check-in in progress
Company Date Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 SVG 127 06:27 LIBREVILLE Landed at 06:36
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 AF 928 09:00 PARIS-CDG Landed at 09:37
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 Q8 202 10:25 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 10:40
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 TWC 552 11:10 BRAZZAVILLE Landed at 11:08
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 AAT 102 11:30 BRAZZAVILLE Cancelled
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 ET 861 13:15 ADDIS ABABA Landed at 13:01
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 DTA 522 13:35 LUANDA
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 TWC 554 17:10 BRAZZAVILLE
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 Q8 204 17:25 BRAZZAVILLE
AIR FRANCE 27/01/2023 AAT 104 17:45 BRAZZAVILLE Cancelled


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“What in heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?” film Casablanca, 1942. Casablanca remained unknown in the shadow of the imperial cities. It has changed considerably for the last ten years and is the unvarnished reflection of the Morocco of today: customs in modernity straitjacket. You won’t travel to Casablanca by chance. As you stroll along the coast road, you will see the Great Mosque Hassan II emerge between the sky and the sea. Take a walk in the old French quarter and discover art deco buildings. You will take a tour of the old or new medina in the Habbous quarter to collect souvenirs. The tramway will take you back to downtown in the evening. Life here is noisy and made of passion.

Our employees’ opinion:

“Casablanca is a modern city where you can easily and quickly get around. Looking for a movie theatre? Go to the Mall along the coast. Do you want a drink? Go to the Kimmy’z for its Parisian bistro ambience or to Brooklyn to feel like you were in New York!” Justice